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  • Identifier com.thatmarcel.tweaks.lyrication
  • Added Date 05/07/2020 21:45
  • Updated Date 05/03/2022 22:07
  • Free package
  • 3.91/5 (23 votes)

  • RepositoryBasepack
  • Author Marcel Braun
  • SectionTweaks
  • Version 2.4.3
  • Size 106.13 Kb
  • Installed-Size 1384
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, com.opa334.ccsupport, ws.hbang.common(>=1.11)
  • Compatibility iOS 11+


Live Lyrics for music Ever wanted to sing along to the song you're listening to? Lyrication adds Apple Music style synchronized lyrics to the lockscreen, the control center and works with every music player app you have. If you use Spotify, Lyrication also adds lyrics inside there. .This tweak is also compatible with Flow, Juin, Quart and many more. For Juin, long-press the play/pause button to bring up the lyrics, for all other tweaks long-press the artwork cover.


Version History

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  • Download Lyrication version 2.4.305/03/2022 22:07
    MD5 7effdd55b6ac008f350cc5d241c54df3
    SHA1 422b0afef96e9b1bd43c03642d696192134f3354
    SHA256 61d9fd49b3735c84122ece50685c7bb6fda470dee1830f778203fd7aae3ceb8b
  • Download Lyrication version 2.4.205/03/2022 21:36
    MD5 f8953e98cd40bcc6615e8110b8a32e6c
    SHA1 e3806e082203287322353794157c8e1f2fb1f8cf
    SHA256 e3e6604d9681d244c74309018641d035a2ac454d0dff24fea664746e53627a00
  • Download Lyrication version 2.4.105/03/2022 20:26
    MD5 fdc14fffc4093d83ec1b7c196b70e78c
    SHA1 de457978e99006ed6352a6c1aeee434d670792b2
    SHA256 b1d86f3aa5b3e1c73c6a55877a45a3f7c279a0efe85b3e5bdd187ba7bc2d11fb
  • Download Lyrication version 2.4.024/04/2021 18:16
    MD5 2504d20f16b275f949c3766530b98840
    SHA1 1e170f35aa4a25dc8d4b9c0ae322aa93dcdc285d
    SHA256 978a492ac99f3dd5ec39c993f1ca33a3cfc7d895e570bccbb7caf7f88b0d8f1c
  • Download Lyrication version 2.3.923/04/2021 04:42
    MD5 6b78ad16802ea27b90150db505200b1f
    SHA1 19174289db702698ac29caa7c5aca0afea49fdc9
    SHA256 88fa564f950da6455a8e39a244c32782a142912c7f4f9f0a3234adc9540b0bb4
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