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  • Identifier com.dirtybeans.hacksources
  • Added Date 18/02/2020 21:25
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryDirtyBeans (Official)
  • Author DirtyBeans@
  • SectionRepositories
  • Version 7.1.2-4
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 2.28 Kb
  • Installed-Size 3
  • Replaces com.dirtybeans.hacksources
  • Priority optional


Hack Sources for new Install or Restore. **************************************** Hack Sources for new Install or Restore. Once you restore your iphone etc. Use this package to Install additional Sources.. This package will add hacksources.list to the Cydia sources.list.d folder. location: private-etc-apt-sources.list.d You may edit at anytime from this location. ****************************************

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  • Download Hack Sources version 7.1.2-418/02/2020 21:25
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 87756857ce2292dd7940777830d5eb3d
    SHA1 11e01a8c1233553ca89e4832a41c07fc44f9c856
    SHA256 fb1ada43d87ab295a6e18ae99e0edecc92885f83d1d410d0c3ad11405d896825

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