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Delta Emulator is an iOS multi-system emulator.


Version History

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  • Download Delta iOS 13 version 1.322/04/2021 18:30
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 39aab4dd514aec2862a7d0d10a1ed764
    SHA256 fc49eb8570fab4d14679ae1bb3d098cef43467d6ad0c80d9e83bf77895d6da06
  • Download Delta iOS 13 version 1.223/10/2020 15:21
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 fc0f83ef3f8cb92d3b02c257930b75da
    SHA256 af228b5fb15ee680036212823f278b70a34e786c635e6f16caa82dd3108eebd9
  • Download Delta iOS 13 version 1.1.227/02/2020 20:41
    MD5 20d174803f653f432fa042743a83506e
    SHA256 dfb6c350bfad9275f55a7a82135a053740f5bcd195345ea6e503bfd72c2f2e47

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