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  • Identifier com.iarrays.copic2
  • Added Date 17/07/2018 09:52
  • Updated Date 19/11/2023 08:18
  • Free package
  • 1.01/5 (212 votes)

  • RepositoryIArrays
  • Author IArrays
  • SectionUtilities
  • Version 1.15.0-beta-5
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 726.50 Kb
  • Installed-Size 3384
  • Pre-Depends firmware (>=9.0)
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap, com.iarrays.libiarrays (>= 1.0.16)
  • Conflicts com.iarrays.copic10, com.iarrays.copic
  • Compatibility iOS 9+


Settings screenshot 1Phone app favorties screenshot 2Phone App recent calls screenshotPhone app contacts screenshotMessages app all conversations screenshotMessage app conversation screenshotFaceTime screenshotNotification center screenshotMail app screenshot

The new Copic 2 is totally redesigned, optimised and rebuilt from the scratch. Now brings the ability to display the Contact pictures everywhere on your iPhone.Integrates seamlessly with stock Contacts, FaceTime, Mail, Messages and Phone apps. It integrates with locks screen and Notification Center and display the contact pictures for missed calls and text. Brings ability to turn on or off monograms or show rounded or rectangular images and many more features.


Version History

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  • Download Copic 2 version 1.15.0-beta-519/11/2023 08:18
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 13c74a53ae3b8dd8139bac3fb993d559
    SHA1 06ad26ffad439c3180d4e9691a4635679fca8031
    SHA256 a6c8ee98cecdd7b49966af8aa73a2e9ca55e7eba27f6b56ffeec6db18ae10ed4
  • Download Copic 2 version 1.15.0-beta-409/11/2023 17:26
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 1527ddd785761e44c5f530df99c1637d
    SHA1 2d0ccb7cd8cc6d2a31f5c13a64f7287ffe91b5a5
    SHA256 6c3e12b638fe77010e3a18790a0e6abb7d70dd236a7b7ec75fcfe6756ac37f75
  • Download Copic 2 version 1.14.2-beta-1014/08/2022 11:46
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 7985789f0bbd713dd31bab5b7c7fcfdd
    SHA1 d7b1d661a5e03efaeaec14c0326352c4cecfebd3
    SHA256 93f0f02a2b0d5ddc017f4c30ded32449f4d9308fbbc2a28972a7a51f432a8ebf
  • Download Copic 2 version 1.14.2-beta-912/06/2022 08:42
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 c6cd3db9cfae19cda53a0a08223eabe1
    SHA1 53965f6730f6b71f6ef33adbe0e78ca2292152df
    SHA256 80f6e59425d437ebcb1da61b995651da82f679d0992dcaf1255584e35ccbed68
  • Download Copic 2 version 1.14.2-beta-809/06/2022 10:33
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 8fd52a35394ed2189f926fbb517d8e32
    SHA1 2617dc4bfa619684089302130cd7d0d04222b4a8
    SHA256 6146cb9853265242e00b98300381311206e25eff86383226f94407d1e95d0467
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