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  • Identifier com.iarrays.simplus
  • Added Date 07/06/2019 18:46
  • Updated Date 08/03/2023 04:00
  • Free package
  • 1.01/5 (122 votes)

  • RepositoryIArrays
  • Author IArrays
  • SectionUtilities
  • Version 1.15-beta-3
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 742.10 Kb
  • Installed-Size 678
  • Pre-Depends firmware (>=12.0)
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.iarrays.libiarrays (>=1.0.15), com.opa334.ccsupport
  • Compatibility iOS 12


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The way Apple should have done it, but do not worry. We have done it for you. Choose a way how to call or text while using eSim/dual sim iPhones.

Version History

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  • Download eSim+ version 1.15-beta-308/03/2023 04:00
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 eaa577998461a6b11032e39362d94c06
    SHA1 85b9373958f900a7634c0b7888feb6cf1fa898a2
    SHA256 a249bc87042f7e3102ec24dde991cda9006f9511dd802564b8700077dd947547
  • Download eSim+ version 1.15-beta-212/12/2022 20:15
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 996eacb2b4869c5f12d22be7c367108d
    SHA1 b2574c5b552f48071370cf80742f3620f16b4420
    SHA256 136fd5806c43b9c6adc6e58fbaea91eb028da7f20e32692816fbec24c6c54c0a
  • Download eSim+ version 1.15-beta-111/12/2022 14:41
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 fb472732fdc0073dfdd9970a662fe93d
    SHA1 c3e6382fc95f9247df4a633a8565af926d41d094
    SHA256 11c89284caccf26e8211f132fd4f39409494f0b59ada07138139c8a8d075fc0c
  • Download eSim+ version 1.14-beta-428/08/2022 09:12
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 c2507d0aeb688f02088b9a0d80093e80
    SHA1 dbfa4017f57acecdcd617e81a797de570234b9ec
    SHA256 fed34a21dba6d96bed8aa3a8e76565f5fd7a9479f6c4250996d303ab0127440b
  • Download eSim+ version 1.14-beta-317/07/2022 10:00
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 a74b2a5ad7aa112b8c206c44b0b19470
    SHA1 bfa7d87e575234cd8b084166439c93dbb94e3dfa
    SHA256 993d03cf5784cd2187f56d0573e7b82dc47d310cba72b7f3e73faf2aadf9d2e1
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