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  • Identifier com.ikilledappl3.jitterbugtv
  • Added Date 10/03/2020 00:10
  • Updated Date 01/02/2021 02:26
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryiKilledAppl3 LLC. TV Repo
  • Author iKilledAppl3
  • SectionTweaks
  • Version 1.0.1-1
  • Size 44.72 Mb
  • Installed-Size 47004
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware (>=12.0)
  • Compatibility tvOS 12+



Oh Boy I got the jitters!
JitterBugTV plays a song while editing your homescreen.
You can also place your own songs in /Library/Application Support/JitterBugTV/Songs and the tweak will see them from within the song selection list!
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Version 1.0 - Release.
Version 1.0.1-1 Preferences fixes, added a preview song button and stop song button.

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  • Download JitterBugTV version 1.0.1-101/02/2021 02:26
    MD5 65d07f6cf69f0b4ed94cabbb26d24a42
    SHA1 336ef6a3e11f3210ab6581cc512176454a1d2c28
    SHA256 d59e1991636f606d0f591bcf901a4c1134a5f8c23941250f226c02d0202a43b1
  • Download JitterBugTV version 1.0-110/03/2020 00:10
    MD5 f667a28d6dfc97392e33769f02cfa53d
    SHA1 98ce895aa49c771a798ea5d811b5956cb509a7ca
    SHA256 dc1f5ed5dc9f79dd3de67214cf234ae3a8641a0e0749790a7036dd72ec211f8a

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