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  • Identifier openssh
  • Added Date 30/05/2019 08:45
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  • RepositoryiOS WebStack
  • SectionNetworking
  • Version 7.1p1-1
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 588.58 Kb
  • Installed-Size 4428
  • Pre-Depends dpkg (>= 1.14.25-8)
  • Depends openssl
  • Priority important


secure remote access between machines OpenSSH (OpenBSD Secure Shell) is a set of computer programs providing encrypted communication sessions over a computer network using the SSH protocol. . I also recommend the following package: 'SSH Connect'


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  • Download OpenSSH version 7.1p1-130/05/2019 08:45
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 40abb2531385e4e9e8ba0cf0da537fd1
    SHA1 87b35d9674f47a2295278131bfa50aeb63fff0eb
    SHA256 84d98542375f2bbb1fced1ee76d52e13f98879886d738edc9e1fe28ca08abe12
  • Download OpenSSH version 6.9p1-130/05/2019 08:45
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 106d32bd7a6fd32a25dcd86e8fc96d14
    SHA1 08144897aca8ebfdf0053210d668ad4b82b62550
    SHA256 2317a8ec27ad20c3776019b86982c705ab92fdccc2fbb300425be34b80b8e78c

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