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  • Identifier php55
  • Added Date 30/05/2019 08:45
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryiOS WebStack
  • Author J. Anrugas
  • SectionScripting
  • Version 5.5.29-8
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 3.43 Mb
  • Installed-Size 26712
  • Pre-Depends dpkg (>= 1.14.25-8)
  • Depends curl, libfreetype, libjpeg, libmcrypt, libpng, libtiff, openssl, firmware(>= 3.0)
  • Conflicts php, com.jpifher.phppod
  • Replaces php54, php53
  • Priority optional
  • Compatibility iOS 3+


The overly popular HTML templating language PHP. The overly popular HTML templating language PHP. . This packages includes PHP 5.5.x with OPcache, GD and MySQL support (PDO and mysqli). . You have to place your PHP config file at /etc/php.ini You will find a OPcache config sample file in /etc/php.d/ . . This software was originally compiled for the AppleTV but it works on all iOS devices. . With the additional cydia packages 'mysql-atv' and 'lighttpd-atv' you are now free to host your own Content Management Systems (CMS), Blogs, Bulletin Boards, File Servers. Such as ownCloud, WebsiteBaker, Contao, TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla!, phpBB, miniBB, etc. . If you would like keep it simple then just install one of the cydia packages below: - 'atv-lighttpd-php-mysql' for AppleTV - 'ios-lighttpd-php-mysql' for iPhone/iPad - 'touch-lighttpd-php-mysql' for iPhone/iPad . They includes this, the above mentioned packages, example config files and daemon launchers for a whole web server solution stack. . If you are interest in the package differences, have a look on http://ios-webstack.tk .


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  • Download PHP55 (with OPcache) version 5.5.29-830/05/2019 08:45
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 394b4a4c0f27e82482d7b3bd2ede95dc
    SHA1 da705d918b2fbe9388b86daa9bbfa36652fcfcb5
    SHA256 b4e17cd67a9b0f412e38bda2e402b10d5de9b19841bb17cabaeee02df1d2928b
  • Download PHP55 (with OPcache) version 5.5.28-730/05/2019 08:45
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 ca54ddc0cd4148b2bfafdccad5339af9
    SHA1 a7386cae9d701c84a9aeeaceb9159bfa4a2a231f
    SHA256 cf6ed9d4a9fc639765646095cb78a3cb4349cc1d62ae45f5d3fcd2c935e24896
  • Download PHP55 (with OPcache) version 5.5.27-1830/05/2019 08:45
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 893b3aa0f6dd3a41fe4d6a62ab435ed1
    SHA1 b395866c13ea6f123569a932f27ff8382d23940c
    SHA256 378d5bec348b821dc375dd8dd615da3d6ca5561a637f066bae1dbc82ccecc5ee

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