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  • Identifier com.jailbreak365.assistivetouchx
  • Added Date 22/07/2018 01:46
  • Free package
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  • Repositoryjailbreak365's Repo
  • Author jailbreak365
  • SectionTweaks
  • Version 1.0
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 459.63 Kb


AssistiveTouchX replaces the default Assistive Touch icons with the ones from the iPhone X (makes the Assistive Touch icon round). IMPORTANT:This tweak modifies a system application, while it is safe and tested, install at your own risk.

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  • Download AssistiveTouchX version 1.022/07/2018 01:46
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 893a2b57582b142290a8221ec52974ea
    SHA1 165f2ad6a012368b5cebd04493d9a7670df1de01
    SHA256 570324c50ea73aac9af707a437c3a9bb7b9962c546a4033dbd9e6279dba673e4

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