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  • Identifier net.angelxwind.mobileterminal-applesdk
  • Added Date 30/05/2019 08:45
  • Updated Date 02/07/2023 20:20
  • Free package
  • 4.91/5 (67 votes)

  • RepositoryKaren/あけみ's Repo
  • Author Karen/あけみ
  • SectionTerminal_Support
  • Version 521-karen-2
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 248.68 Kb
  • Pre-Depends firmware (>= 3.2), dpkg (>= 1.14.25-8)
  • Depends bash, coreutils, ncurses, system-cmds
  • Compatibility iOS 3.2


A Terminal emulator. This is a Terminal emulator for the iPhone. With it you can do all of your standard system administration tasks from anywhere:SSH into remote boxes, download files, edit configuration files, whatever.

Version History

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  • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-202/07/2023 19:35
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 ef7885844356672d414b2a86e92a3252
    SHA1 0cf50110e6c03e4ede65f42f7ee8a05fea6d8b2a
    SHA256 2cf43a265dea235e9f610c372c59d068e22d17dc713f2f01bddc699348a8fc6b
  • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-202/07/2023 20:20
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d49b219bfcb8555498b2c2589bc40040
    SHA1 f4d75c8392f9ca835faa01c4d5d609c85ca87ea4
    SHA256 5e2937aaa67c40511e4d8c1593df5713bbe9efdb1eff486d1cbea8ac6f22e685
  • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-230/03/2023 05:26
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 79a9c8cbf8bdf6e3b195819cbcab76df
    SHA1 99ae25ba8f138efa5601b3f23fa10816c7a314fa
    SHA256 daea54662c68a1ddbf73316b173c9e56e54022d04bffd043e3d9f2f870ab11a2
  • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-229/01/2023 07:30
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 c0604659c38e03317f2cc45607add6ea
    SHA1 f909e1d0f17aa6ed90e7c7047843cc8d955e2136
    SHA256 7e33c556ab3cb600ef18f51c425a666b9a4f1f101846af612eb118281eae62aa
  • Download MobileTerminal version 521-karen-220/12/2022 10:15
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 9a5c9e90047cbfef8cdc84c2daab3c34
    SHA1 7bdcad9d7cc9d2cccff9ca9e04eb2ad96a4a2250
    SHA256 945df4eb523e78aebedbc30d661c677347a21a09dbbf269721e8a9c5f2acc2ac
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