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  • Identifier com.kdog0598.shellbackup
  • Added Date 02/11/2021 19:35
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  • Repositorykdog0598's Repository
  • Author Unknown
  • Version 3.2
  • Size 2.93 Kb
  • Depends firmware (>=2.0), zip, unzip
  • Compatibility iOS 2+


Shellbackup is a command line local backup utility that doesn’t backup jailbreak data as iCloud and iTunes backups do. Type shellbackup in a shell for usage. iPhone OS 2.x and above are supported (tested up to iOS 11.4b3)

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    MD5 c0f32f6142f7928b2b230c4b4f77d2ff
    SHA1 e2cbf892cd0930db13437fa30228a3ad3bf3806d
    SHA256 1e234dddfabdbb8e51b9fa9edb1265707d08a3f502afc50b9d03a9e649631690

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