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Bring your AppleTV over to the dark side with eTV Dark. If you have Embossed Dark on your iOS device you'll want this theme on your AppleTV. An extension of Embossed Dark for iOS this theme for your AppleTV 4K consisting of highly detailed embossed (raised) icons.

Version History

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  • Download eTV Dark version 1.016/01/2021 16:52
    MD5 299ea9dc8df141f48bd356a5ff4fb9a9
    SHA1 943b65e4c241115644b58d3a033e62036735fde0
    SHA256 d7c178ce130a0cb0be7eccbcfc11adc6d844f7414a709e81ea67996682fd174e
  • Download eTV Dark version 1.026/10/2020 05:55
    MD5 c7695099f2ab34b54cec5de6b939a1c6
    SHA1 b3368c54b9d73646443391a575947f53d5c3543e
    SHA256 654b50038e71dccee08096e8efda5b5024c055bcba1834420506e0f1de6eccd6

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