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Lets have a bit of joy this holiday season. Help celebrate the season with the Festival of Lights theme on your iOS Device. 100+ Icons and HD wallpapers make up this beautiful theme.

Version History

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  • Download Festival version 1.316/01/2021 16:52
    MD5 53a5d06317f64e3fe9a16f5d969d41e5
    SHA1 689002f73b3034e2b613bd5ea318e07141c95a5e
    SHA256 8f13e1b5534888bea68390145d95f89c6f60e118e27ed44301522244ed6240a4
  • Download Festival version 1.318/12/2020 07:49
    MD5 62c425869993f41f898828039cb5493a
    SHA1 67727ff6cc65949d8241abed6e6b865534badc56
    SHA256 ca9c2d30608e4706c1cba76e075793754b181c92a9a03f1b996fb317d4652c01

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