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  • Identifier net.limneos.limshell-rootless
  • Added Date 10:49 PM May 11, 2023
  • Free package
  • 1.00/5 (1 vote)

  • RepositoryLimneos Repo
  • Author Elias Limneos
  • SectionSystem
  • Version 0.2-18+debug
  • Architecture iOS Rootless
  • Size 120.20 Kb
  • Installed-Size 844


A shell that injects into processes A shell that injects into processes Usage: limshell <processName | processPID> Command examples: choose(SomeClassName) [UIApp windows] a=[NSString stringWithUTF8String:hello] a=[[UIApp windows] firstObject] a=instance(0xf20f320f23) (some object pointer address) addFunction(notify_post,i*) notify_post("some.notifiication") Still under development

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  • Download limshell (rootless) version 0.2-17+debug10:49 PM May 11, 2023
    Architecture iOS Rootless
    MD5 89c140cca9d37f9fc73edb414a089ea3
    SHA1 5d52d6b6dc73b518087e7d2d75efe7f63b69917a
    SHA256 d8c35d50c2e93ddbc8832b26084455e738ac504cad220cce79e6f5090a84ba5a
  • Download limshell (rootless) version 0.2-16+debug10:49 PM May 11, 2023
    Architecture iOS Rootless
    MD5 99646722967e29294f105666647762a7
    SHA1 c4cec980c82b1199e7ccffd0e180f666fb1a038d
    SHA256 89ae141f0c135a3bdf3e6ee309fa370a155d71bf79bd93003fc979e79815e866
  • Download limshell (rootless) version 0.2-18+debug10:49 PM May 11, 2023
    Architecture iOS Rootless
    MD5 0fb783c34d28e084bb4259cae285ec40
    SHA1 9dc41ebde2033fba73378a15bd5a215b7029e923
    SHA256 f5dd882496d7cab44d4f0baf3f29ddb5861b9d8166447a006aca2eea5eaf5c88

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