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  • Added Date 3:19 AM August 27, 2015
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  • RepositoryModMyi (Archive)
  • Author Miles Brown
  • SectionThemes
  • Version 1.0
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 1.31 Mb
  • Depends winterboard
  • Priority extra


Now that you have the theme in the right place, download Categories and iBlank off of Cydia. Create 76 iBlanks. Then in Categories create an apps folder, a games folder, and a favorites folder. Put your apps in the folders. DO NOT put the following apps in categories folders:Camera, Weather, Notes, Calculator, Mail, iTunes Store, App Store, Messages, Twitterrific (If you don't have it that is alright but the theme looks better if you have it), Winterboard. I reccomend that you put these in your dock because they are bigger than the other icons and they look better if they are in this order:Safari, iPod, Phone, Settings, Cydia. Categories Folders (You don't hav to do this but it makes the theme look better):In categories press edit in the top left corner an then press the blue arrow next to the Apps folder and then toggle "background image" ON. Do the same thing for all the other folders. You can request a springback file from me with the icons already in the right place and I will give you one. Enjoy the theme.

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