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  • Identifier : com.modmyi.schillersinvertediphonelive
  • Added Date : 27/08/2015 03:24
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  • Repository : ModMyi (Archive)
  • Author :
  • Section : Themes
  • Version : 1.1.2009
  • Size : 2.18 Mb
  • Depends : winterboard
  • Priority : extra


++NEW++ ** A MUST SEE THEME** This theme has so many things. the icons are small mini iPhones that were "inverted" in color to make them look even cooler. Full Theme with black interface,signal bars, wifi bars, edge bars, lock screen, dock, transparent icon lables, push/fetch notification badges, sms pop-up notice bkgnd & bubbles, SPECIAL LIVE WEATHER AND LIVE CLOCK ICONS(must have these downloaded to phone to work)has many many icons, and i plan to add more as they are made. The only Theme I have used scenes I first created it!


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