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  • Version 0.53.0
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The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell! The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell! . * Fast: it's fast – really really fast! 🚀 * Customizable: configure every aspect of your prompt. * Universal: works on any shell, on any operating system. * Intelligent: shows relevant information at a glance. * Feature rich: support for all your favorite tools. * Easy: quick to install – start using it in minutes. . To activate starship, add the following to the end of your ~/.zshrc: eval "$(starship init zsh)" . To be able to see the glyphs that starship shows you need a nerd font installed and enabled in your terminal. If you are connecting from another machine the font will need to be enabled on that machine. On iOS: * ... the font in MTerminal is incompatible * ... in NewTerm all fonts apart from the Menlo and SF Mono fonts are compatible * ... all fonts in the Blink Shell app are compatible * ... in Terminus all fonts with Powerline in the name are compatible * ... other SSH/MOSH clients and terminals have not been tested yet

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  • Download starship version 0.53.029/01/2023 00:50
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 af3893cf1bdd030820013b5579766919
    SHA1 beeb5e4ffa82f9fe89d8fb8e97f0f4f2620f16d5
    SHA256 11dc191ba050365918a81a14f8f6a793cb375aebb99cba2f57baea0d44945d64
  • Download starship version 0.53.028/01/2023 15:50
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d01abb5ec00453fa2193482e57db58e2
    SHA1 63697103d640de8b8683d8f815f8ab60f7cab776
    SHA256 172f1e01f29c123f58c6e7facebc77bc153c095386d9fbbecd647a0b4b21531f
  • Download starship version 0.53.030/10/2022 16:46
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 92069696f91cdff7f24faddb17d49af4
    SHA1 2d4be488c9e6eada41a73f33f186f46a837dfd7d
    SHA256 cd19dcdc5f61cd9bc3ff8ea5508ea45af460967993104418092f7051dcfd84e5

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