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  • Identifier : libdpkg-perl
  • Added Date : 24/06/2022 01:30
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  • Repository : Oldcursus
  • Section : Packaging
  • Version : 1.20.9-1
  • Size : 331.82 Kb
  • Installed-Size : 1464
  • Depends : dpkg, perl
  • Conflicts : dpkg-perl (<<1:0), dpkg-dev (<< 1.20.9-1)
  • Replaces : dpkg-perl
  • Priority : optional


Dpkg perl modules This package provides the perl modules used by the scripts in dpkg-dev. They cover a wide range of functionality. Among them there are the following public modules: . - Dpkg: core variables - Dpkg::Arch: architecture handling functions - Dpkg::Build::Info: build information functions - Dpkg::BuildFlags: set, modify and query compilation build flags - Dpkg::BuildOptions: parse and manipulate DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS - Dpkg::BuildProfiles: parse and manipulate build profiles - Dpkg::Changelog: parse changelogs - Dpkg::Changelog::Entry: represents a changelog entry - Dpkg::Changelog::Parse: generic changelog parser for dpkg-parsechangelog - Dpkg::Checksums: generate and parse checksums - Dpkg::Compression: simple database of available compression methods - Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle: transparently (de)compress files - Dpkg::Compression::Process: wrapper around compression tools - Dpkg::Conf: parse dpkg configuration files - Dpkg::Control: parse and manipulate Debian control information (.dsc, .changes, Packages/Sources entries, etc.) - Dpkg::Control::Changelog: represent fields output by dpkg-parsechangelog - Dpkg::Control::Fields: manage (list of known) control fields - Dpkg::Control::Hash: parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like fields - Dpkg::Control::Info: parse files like debian/control - Dpkg::Control::Tests: parse files like debian/tests/control - Dpkg::Control::Tests::Entry: represents a debian/tests/control stanza - Dpkg::Deps: parse and manipulate dependencies - Dpkg::Deps::Simple: represents a single dependency statement - Dpkg::Deps::Multiple: base module to represent multiple dependencies - Dpkg::Deps::Union: list of unrelated dependencies - Dpkg::Deps::AND: list of AND dependencies - Dpkg::Deps::OR: list of OR dependencies - Dpkg::Deps::KnownFacts: list of installed and virtual packages - Dpkg::Exit: push, pop and run exit handlers - Dpkg::Gettext: wrapper around Locale::gettext - Dpkg::IPC: spawn sub-processes and feed/retrieve data - Dpkg::Index: collections of Dpkg::Control (Packages/Sources files for example) - Dpkg::Interface::Storable: base object serializer - Dpkg::Path: common path handling functions - Dpkg::Source::Format: manipulate debian/source/format files - Dpkg::Source::Package: extract Debian source packages - Dpkg::Substvars: substitute variables in strings - Dpkg::Vendor: identify current distribution vendor - Dpkg::Version: parse and manipulate Debian package versions . All the packages listed in Suggests or Recommends are used by some of the modules.

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