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But nobody came. UNDERTALE-themed tweak. Resembles the genocide and post-genocide parts of UNDERTALE. Read the details before installing. Although it is harmless, you might not want this tweak on your device. . Details: - Access to SSH, safe mode, widgets and apps are blocked - Plays some sounds from UNDERTALE's genocide route at 45% volume unless muted and this cannot be changed - The control center will be empty while the tweak is active - Opening a package manager while the tweak is active will block all user input except for the volume buttons. - Opening a package manager will ask the user 3 questions which they can answer with the volume buttons. - Answering "YES" to the last 2 questions will make the tweak uninstall itself and respring. Credits: - UNDERTALE (by Toby Fox) for the font, sounds and the dialogue - pixelomer (me) for putting all of this inside an iOS tweak - ConorTheDev for helping me modify the widgets Requires iOS 10.0 or higher.

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