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  • Version 1.3
  • Architecture iOS
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  • Depends mobilesubstrate, firmware (>=8.0)
  • Compatibility iOS 8+


Corrupt GameBoy games using GBA4iOS Features (all): - Real-time corruption of games: Corrupt games slowly while they are running. Can be activated while the game is running using the menu button. A game can be started with real time corruption enabled by holding the game and pressing "Corrupt in Real Time". . Features (GBC and GB only): - ROM duplication & corruption: Allows you to corrupt the ROM files themselves. The original file will not be corrupted. An exact copy of the ROM will be created with the CGB(X) extension and that will be corrupted. - Savestate corruption: Allows you to corrupt save states of games. This will modify the RAM of the emulated GameBoy. To use, hold a game in the "Load State" menu and press "Load and Corrupt State". . Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Real-time corruption of GBA games was not tested on 32-bit devices.

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  • Download CGBA4iOS version 1.330/08/2019 21:06
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 234e65962eb8d6c121087bbd8386ede5
    SHA1 211b7067278c2a637dfc070270cc047db5e131f3
    SHA256 1167c739b8136bd7619cafbce0846d214fc3761312b5956fb83896b98f2ed494
  • Download CGBA4iOS version 1.227/08/2019 22:05
    MD5 7739004e90c969b1ad068e35b0ee2a87
    SHA1 5c27a6b4b45820667c787fb001529df8506c72c8
    SHA256 908e5b8e6985dcbb830cfad9173f221087bd5dd5812064525756f2c68b306954
  • Download CGBA4iOS version 1.126/08/2019 21:06
    MD5 5b512eb3d20d33ffa535414833a1b0c6
    SHA1 9ded3914690af83de3973e5641fc30b8425de08b
    SHA256 d125f4a239ec0d69dfe50e042d686fb80b92dde8c76d9f0c720196ca0c88f3e0
  • Download CGBA4iOS version 1.025/08/2019 20:51
    MD5 f939f60fd2577cb6ea61844339bfaf01
    SHA1 a6d9b1d77ec618e3944b18513118ee75682cda31
    SHA256 2386a844c24e6aff5a999fa7c2711d67ff6ec766a2e31b75b34c56f13885b57b

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