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  • SectionDevelopment
  • Version 20220114
  • Architecture iOS
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  • Conflicts bison (<= 3.7.6)
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public domain Berkeley LALR Yacc parser generator, with back-tracking This package provides a parser generator utility that reads a grammar specification from a file and generates an LR(1) parser for it. The parsers consist of a set of LALR(1) parsing tables and a driver routine written in the C programming language. It has a public domain license which includes the generated C. . This package has the backtracking extension, adapted from btyacc. . Related packages: bison, btyacc, byacc, antlr

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    Architecture iOS
    MD5 8a679323ec1bd40658a03b27b5fd11f3
    SHA1 ed688ff9c7fe87b7270aba87d584c0ee771cbc3b
    SHA256 745c975641c2cf2697614fdefd199784088239a39cbc6bf9b7b8da81acc0873b

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