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  • Added Date 7:50 AM April 18, 2021
  • Updated Date 3:25 PM February 23, 2022
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  • SectionUtilities
  • Version 2.12.1
  • Architecture iOS
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securely manage your dotfiles across multiple machines chezmoi helps you manage your personal configuration files (like ~/.zshrc) across multiple machines. chezmoi is helpful if you have spent time customizing the tools you use and want to keep machines in sync. chezmoi has support for securely managing secrets (e.g. private keys) by encrypting files with gpg. chezmoi's documentation and source can be found here: https://github.com/twpayne/chezmoi

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  • Download chezmoi version 2.12.13:25 PM February 23, 2022
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 1d71a934c36c4606837ff18278fc25cc
    SHA1 f47e3ab037f907f0d5def34b36bcf21a87a6f39d
    SHA256 616d5782afcdcb65f696fddbefe11f747418e0f7654509d4c41c51a8758a97ff
  • Download chezmoi version 2.0.107:50 AM April 18, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 cea73a90aed4f47c8a6fe5ea5e69f061
    SHA1 3cd7c90c9e254dee545e0e3aef1dcaa81d9d0b55
    SHA256 45341d1b732271cdfb9f06fe90adff559576fa9cea746e005ea2fc53abe5c9ed

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