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  • Identifier cowsay-off
  • Added Date 29/12/2020 07:31
  • Updated Date 14/10/2021 04:26
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionGames
  • Version 3.04-1
  • Size 15.48 Kb
  • Installed-Size 41
  • Depends perl, cowsay (= 3.04-1)
  • Priority optional


configurable talking cow (offensive cows) Cowsay (or cowthink) will turn text into happy ASCII cows, with speech (or thought) balloons. If you don't like cows, ASCII art is available to replace it with some other creatures (Tux, the BSD daemon, dragons, and a plethora of animals, from a turkey to an elephant in a snake). . This package contains cows which some may consider to be offensive. Please do not install this package if you or your users are easily offended.

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  • Download cowsay-off version 3.04-114/10/2021 04:26
    MD5 11c1244345dbc9a9308176901a8d472b
    SHA1 3f8dcf5b22f6d807d1e89347cbbaa431e32e378e
    SHA256 0ffd1b8d21859ba75bae2c3926fc1b7224e8265d2bfd9d9831cc7906a5b6f339
  • Download cowsay-off version 3.0429/12/2020 07:31
    MD5 b706ba32f4591954878a13508ea4f39e
    SHA1 29b0dae40951968aa8f188b6a1cf6f180a34f2af
    SHA256 04f8ca896224ecbc6569b117f0ac238f5a847685e06f2e551f2af729b5484796

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