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  • Identifier cowsay
  • Added Date 29/12/2020 07:31
  • Updated Date 14/10/2021 04:26
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionGames
  • Version 3.04-1
  • Size 26.86 Kb
  • Installed-Size 90
  • Depends perl
  • Priority optional


configurable talking cow Cowsay (or cowthink) will turn text into happy ASCII cows, with speech (or thought) balloons. If you don't like cows, ASCII art is available to replace it with some other creatures (Tux, the BSD daemon, dragons, and a plethora of animals, from a turkey to an elephant in a snake).

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  • Download cowsay version 3.04-114/10/2021 04:26
    MD5 3bcd381f42626a0a1f13aa1cb3caf2e4
    SHA1 cde439d0698669eb386445307a91b43642ce8f01
    SHA256 a2d0cfba856f7847713e9e6d7a511f2dc5d1a7bc1f7329251a8a30ddf983a96e
  • Download cowsay version 3.0429/12/2020 07:31
    MD5 33a9a58b142bf0319739aa76111c893f
    SHA1 6af4d3a162d2e69d33f2577e76d41825b8bb7a90
    SHA256 48b527cadae08f898b2b3f6971c3e81afba8e7a8154cb93408a2e4727f9619cd

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