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  • Added Date 05/04/2021 12:17
  • Updated Date 25/06/2021 01:22
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionTerminal_Support
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  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 75.62 Kb
  • Installed-Size 188
  • Pre-Depends debianutils (>= 4.11.2)
  • Depends debianutils (>= 4.11.2), libedit0, libiosexec1
  • Priority required


POSIX-compliant shell The Debian Almquist Shell (dash) is a POSIX-compliant shell derived from ash. . Since it executes scripts faster than bash, and has fewer library dependencies (making it more robust against software or hardware failures), it is used as the default system shell on Debian systems.

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  • Download dash version 01:22
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 6f3809861e3d44e44e60231974ca4a5f
    SHA1 61fcf918ab017fb69f6efec18509992e755986c0
    SHA256 1fc7ac7a2a852bfff7b4b0b7e694ff7c79c2211edac87d7a7e33050899a22da7
  • Download dash version 06:40
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 fa9d387c847454b8c7450698997e0dd6
    SHA1 ddd3b2c5bd0cb0111eb1af9b6c34b3455bd943d6
    SHA256 bc9036d6a8c098d46f8f77e1426ad2cfb75edd74b8257ddf3197772e39d11e64
  • Download dash version 03:52
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 240a3af44a215000c40781e15b775c72
    SHA1 f238b2da5559a4f89aa8def475d653901ff620a3
    SHA256 244c160145eb8411b886f0113133d2e725c6c1130ec6f8d4eeb1ce529849557d
  • Download dash version 06:42
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 5fe8faa5c3568bd8910cbc25c6af9367
    SHA1 8add69ab9887f767bc6a1adcd3419e942bf968a1
    SHA256 4a754b282366c5f6f560d457ca23b2bcddb0712cdd4949790bcd806b9ea03cab
  • Download dash version 12:17
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 8410bbe1bfbbf58e1c6fdd6134400172
    SHA1 971d3b50fd4c56c04328d58de6e195061df67cc7
    SHA256 cd420cb5d9cce21b242e979727fd5674afc724547a129667ec8ef74cdcf978bf

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