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  • Identifier diffstat
  • Added Date 01/02/2022 17:31
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionDevelopment
  • Version 1.64
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 24.53 Kb
  • Installed-Size 100
  • Priority optional


produces graph of changes introduced by a diff file This program is a simple filter that reads the output of the 'diff' program, and produces a histogram of the total number of lines that were changed. It is useful for scanning a patch file to see which files were changed.

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  • Download diffstat version 1.6401/02/2022 17:31
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 cf5807e3e313cf2705cdf4ee31a268da
    SHA1 518fcc556b33538b0b513a970409a3c8ba4021d7
    SHA256 fc97e8dd880113c6f76aa6f59c335b4f8f3f533c9c543e8cf60c3e8f0a97284e

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