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  • Added Date 03/01/2022 23:10
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  • Version 7
  • Architecture iOS
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manipulate and query an Apple Label disk label Apple Label partitions allow for a disk device to have a consistent name, ownership, and permissions across reboots, even though uses a dynamic pseudofilesystem for /dev. The Apple Label partition uses a set of metadata (as a plist) in a reserved area of the partition. This metadata describes the owner, name, and so forth.

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  • Download disklabel version 703/01/2022 23:10
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 4ae08d453ad3b9b6dcd3ca9a85ab807e
    SHA1 11d65ec68c4c59e7a7b9fb4319bd534df436b2db
    SHA256 cc0f0394a50462c1391eb63eadac4b92221c36cf1f763290362d13a565dd0c42

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