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  • Added Date 19/06/2022 22:05
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  • SectionLibraries
  • Version 5.0.1
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 1.31 Mb
  • Installed-Size 3628
  • Depends libswscale6 (= 5.0.1), libpostproc56 (= 5.0.1), libavformat59 (= 5.0.1), libavcodec59 (= 5.0.1), libswresample4 (= 5.0.1), libavutil57 (= 5.0.1), librubberband2, libtesseract5, libarchive13, libcurl4, libass9, libvidstab1.1, libfontconfig1, libfreetype6, libgnutls30, librtmp1, libgmp10, libhogweed6, libnettle8, libsrt1, libvpx7, libwebpmux3, libwebp7, liblzma5, libdav1d6, libopencore-amrwb0, libsnappy1v5, libaom3, libmp3lame0, libopencore-amrnb0, libopenjp2-7, libopus0, librav1e0, libspeex1, libtheora0, libogg0, libvorbis0a, libvorbisenc2, libx264-164, libx265-199, libsoxr0, libzmq5
  • Priority standard


FFmpeg library containing media filters - runtime files FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created. It supports the most obscure ancient formats up to the cutting edge. . This library provides a generic audio/video filtering framework containing several filters, sources and sinks. . This package contains the runtime files.

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  • Download libavfilter8 version 5.0.119/06/2022 22:05
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 f05ae9ff64079f5b78662709568d4a0b
    SHA1 939055ffd2c8dd7fc9bbf39e5a47623b6db1689c
    SHA256 6fe36226b0bce0c28af66824f0927c615d224ce48a544b43f81755e0f3ece552

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