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  • Added Date 14/12/2020 04:22
  • Updated Date 19/06/2022 22:05
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionDevelopment
  • Version 5.0.1
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 10.95 Mb
  • Installed-Size 41328
  • Depends libavformat59 (= 5.0.1), libavcodec-dev (= 5.0.1), libswresample-dev (= 5.0.1), libavutil-dev (= 5.0.1)
  • Priority standard


FFmpeg library with (de)muxers for multimedia containers - development files FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created. It supports the most obscure ancient formats up to the cutting edge. . This library provides a generic framework for multiplexing and demultiplexing (muxing and demuxing) audio, video and subtitle streams. It encompasses multiple muxers and demuxers for multimedia container formats. It also supports several input and output protocols to access a media resource. . This package contains the development files.

Version History

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  • Download libavformat-dev version 5.0.119/06/2022 22:05
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 6455cf807c3b60ab2e2633809e74ee30
    SHA1 c6b2eaa129d30a8431e5ae9881712cc3d17c97c3
    SHA256 f9af713af69963c1f4db978dbef65311e91698ac8c73009ac294eca87dee0e2a
  • Download libavformat-dev version 4.4.108/11/2021 03:32
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 fa1df18dedac5153987931726ea4df2f
    SHA1 d34d596d4652c50fabf278e756f16897c0f77a7b
    SHA256 db17254969808552dbe6a26ae4aef743e5c56edf91bbb6667a7bd5d743cd2035
  • Download libavformat-dev version 4.429/05/2021 07:50
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d4b89265797545e1468e70899aea22c9
    SHA1 55e2f9cd8e03b1ae6f845473986b2d1ea9ce37af
    SHA256 f6e7ea38be019f811e8fd2cc06e74a0a907ee5c8ab978a3d656ee44b4fff7909
  • Download libavformat-dev version 4.429/05/2021 07:11
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 b234cde316489d1b8dbb4dc211736dd0
    SHA1 c9ee3e56cc2d0fd916c686af79a7368f8f4f3f2f
    SHA256 346297171750b2de57a9653ec84fb66e397e0f2d576866339182b08f085593c1
  • Download libavformat-dev version 4.3.114/12/2020 04:22
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 f4177d08275b922c9b35c59860c3f62b
    SHA1 c9de8a3c96a97389e5d2f463e5dad92a2fa3d248
    SHA256 bb98f67c913e8cbaa16236fa5857eaa96564806c51c2dca6f4897e9ad3ee272b

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