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  • Added Date 01/02/2022 17:31
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  • Version 1.7.3
  • Architecture iOS
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parsing/manipulation of structured configuration files This library features a fully reentrant parser and includes bindings for both the C and C++ programming languages. It runs on modern POSIX-compliant systems such as Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X (Darwin), as well as on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and later (Visual Studio or MinGW). . This library allows parsing, manipulating and writing structured configuration files.

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    Architecture iOS
    MD5 00de464e2ecb3f645d0932245f153573
    SHA1 450c0e382676a8278132bd7e8918a724cc6e6d79
    SHA256 a4f59bda093ca561d80dc55ba01205a6861a7c1a4836fbcaca1345fd7b3dd53c

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