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  • Added Date 08/10/2020 03:47
  • Updated Date 31/01/2021 02:40
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionDevelopment
  • Version 1.19
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  • Depends libgdbm6
  • Conflicts libgdbm (<< 1.19)


GNU dbm database routines (development files) GNU dbm ('gdbm') is a library of database functions that use extendible hashing and works similarly to the standard UNIX 'dbm' functions. . The basic use of 'gdbm' is to store key/data pairs in a data file, thus providing a persistent version of the 'dictionary' Abstract Data Type ('hash' to perl programmers). . Note, that to build old programs, that use legacy 'dbm' interface, you have to install libgdbm-compat-dev binary package.

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  • Download libgdbm-dev version 1.1931/01/2021 02:40
    MD5 a7880156795a5297bdda15663bf56e51
    SHA1 f7bf6cf37fc4ad7a2bdc47af27c403a8ef113fd6
    SHA256 7a1c89f0fdb8fc59f71775651001889d15536dba6806e420064ab2061391bc1a
  • Download libgdbm-dev version 1.18.1-208/10/2020 03:47
    MD5 f03c8183c81cc513aa4ab6353f1ce8b3
    SHA1 b239daf716318aab0f4cde1543dbe1959e02aac3
    SHA256 4cd4e89146d436922b9668af41dc9cecffb613247b98f113220cd80cc210af33

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