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  • Identifier : libllvm-polly11
  • Added Date : 24/06/2021 17:22
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  • Repository : Procursus
  • Section : Development
  • Version : 11.1.0~5.4.1~RELEASE
  • Size : 6.04 Mb
  • Installed-Size : 19848
  • Depends : libllvm11
  • Priority : optional


Polyhedral optimizations for LLVM Polly is a high-level loop and data-locality optimizer and optimization infrastructure for LLVM. It uses an abstract mathematical representation based on integer polyhedra to analyze and optimize the memory access pattern of a program. We currently perform classical loop transformations, especially tiling and loop fusion to improve data-locality. Polly can also exploit OpenMP level parallelism, expose SIMDization opportunities. Work has also be done in the area of automatic GPU code generation.

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