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  • Added Date : 17/03/2021 07:06
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  • Repository : Procursus
  • Section : Perl
  • Version : 1.63
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  • Pre-Depends : perl (>= 5.32.1)


modules for parsing/translating POD format documents This package contains the following mdoules for using Perl5 "pod" (Plain Old Documentation). . "Pod::Parser", which provides a base class for parsing and selecting sections of POD documentation from an input stream. . "Pod::Select", which provides a subclass of Pod::Parser and an exported function named "podselect()" to dump selected sections of raw pod documentation from an input stream. . "Pod::PlainText", which is a replacement for "Pod::Text" and the corresponding "pod2text()" function. It is derived from the Pod::Parser class. As of perl 5.00_58, Pod::PlainText has been re-written by Russ Allbery, and has been renamed to Pod::Text in the core Perl distribution (replacing the previous implementation of Pod::Text). The Pod::PlainText module is still provided with Pod::Parser solely for backward compatibility. . "Pod::InputObjects": Some input objects needed by Pod::Parser, and for advanced users of Pod::Parser that need more about a command besides its name and text. . "Pod::ParseUtils", a module with several object-oriented helpers for POD parsing and processing. Probably the most important is Pod::Hyperlink for parsing and expanding POD hyperlinks L<...>. . This distribution is considered to be legacy - it has been superseded by Pod::Simple which brings more robustness, unicode and various other benefits. It has been removed from perl core after 5.31.0, and is packaged only for backward compatibility.

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