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  • Added Date 14/12/2020 04:22
  • Updated Date 19/06/2022 22:05
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  • SectionDevelopment
  • Version 5.0.1
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 238.05 Kb
  • Installed-Size 572
  • Depends libswresample4 (= 5.0.1), libavutil-dev (= 5.0.1)
  • Priority standard


FFmpeg library for audio resampling, rematrixing etc. - development files FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created. It supports the most obscure ancient formats up to the cutting edge. . This library provides performs highly optimized audio resampling, rematrixing and sample format conversion operations. Specifically, this library performs the following conversions: * Resampling is the process of changing the audio rate, for example from a high sample rate of 44100Hz to 8000Hz. Audio conversion from high to low sample rate is a lossy process. Several resampling options and algorithms are available. * Rematrixing is the process of changing the channel layout, for example from stereo to mono. When the input channels cannot be mapped to the output streams, the process is lossy, since it involves different gain factors and mixing. Various other audio conversions (e.g. stretching and padding) are enabled through dedicated options. * Format conversion is the process of converting the type of samples, for example from 16-bit signed samples to unsigned 8-bit or float samples. It also handles packing conversion, when passing from packed layout (all samples belonging to distinct channels interleaved in the same buffer), to planar layout (all samples belonging to the same channel stored in a dedicated buffer or "plane"). . This package contains the development files.

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  • Download libswresample-dev version 5.0.119/06/2022 22:05
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 468dd7c5ad322ad1c3776bf78c222a4d
    SHA1 f77dae22193fa42e85515f6b7690bca5862731af
    SHA256 435d4fc187d9ee687421371401d303c14123d922679a02d4207dc797de53a5f4
  • Download libswresample-dev version 4.4.108/11/2021 03:32
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 dc4e9de85a2ae0a19edbffef1f47ea50
    SHA1 234cb61e2ceb17c05de56ff162b3d5f7f605a630
    SHA256 f5d3df6f434e12bcd1f7b1e24e048445f927643429132eae1c1c904a7f91a4c1
  • Download libswresample-dev version 4.429/05/2021 07:11
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 3c66bf882d3effa3fc06f3f62c26d8c7
    SHA1 9d803543bb78c10c236d63f9efdc6468daccca33
    SHA256 fc22c9f339fb6893d3e0473c530b3ed5fa3ce514a0585612d1248b70c62acd63
  • Download libswresample-dev version 4.429/05/2021 07:51
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 607495cc19403dc00acadf8f0f3f1af1
    SHA1 df89ddedd423cc941f7e3bc77fc31612fe326306
    SHA256 1f16cb495f02573570c4a8b80cf271a1b9a2e9813f7eed6f4c4f7e4dd0a375e9
  • Download libswresample-dev version 4.3.114/12/2020 04:22
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 86fd34b6ebabd88518026f1ed93471de
    SHA1 6b6c5c453d40c27e5c5e27a84e1da7a91f226f2f
    SHA256 bb7c7afd1e07299e43f084a72d902c4357f53096e2d664aa02feb854143dbda5

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