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  • Added Date 10/11/2021 03:41
  • Updated Date 20/04/2023 16:40
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionDevelopment
  • Version 0.20.8
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 272.21 Kb
  • Installed-Size 440
  • Depends libtree-sitter0 (= 0.20.8)
  • Priority optional


incremental parsing system for programming tools (development files) Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library. It can build a concrete syntax tree for a source file and efficiently update the syntax tree as the source file is edited. . Tree-sitter aims to be: . * General enough to parse any programming language * Fast enough to parse on every keystroke in a text editor * Robust enough to provide useful results even in the presence of syntax errors * Dependency-free so that the runtime library (which is written in pure C) can be embedded in any application . This package contains the header files and libraries needed for developing

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  • Download libtree-sitter-dev version 0.20.820/04/2023 16:40
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d04f30166821f015ebebc0bee9e2efdb
    SHA1 2b6c84054938cd6d488c664a300d06b20a80b849
    SHA256 fd58cf690fbb3e8d96be150bc4b0811c2f0844784f9a4fa81b214a2ca464804a
  • Download libtree-sitter-dev version 0.20.010/11/2021 03:41
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 15718d9d40300b2469f109ac16c5a519
    SHA1 181be01fd28ed806ed562a7b929dcc6564270371
    SHA256 74361f290c4b285cf39034fd07478ba48ec656955ce430d74cd293f301548293

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