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  • Updated Date 31/01/2021 02:40
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  • Version 2.0.6
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  • Depends libturbojpeg0


Development files for the TurboJPEG library The libjpeg-turbo JPEG library is a library for handling JPEG files. . libjpeg-turbo is a JPEG image codec that uses SIMD instructions (MMX, SSE2, NEON) to accelerate baseline JPEG compression and decompression on x86, x86-64, and ARM systems. . This package contains the static library, headers and documentation for the TurboJPEG library.

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  • Download libturbojpeg0-dev version 2.0.631/01/2021 02:40
    MD5 15ec7f0b92795d7f4a5100eed92093c8
    SHA1 58b513aea231eaca7ac4256f69cf0a02e35363ca
    SHA256 5891b30d81e86f6ffb8c4c93ab21b443e17227c2c1785815a45312bea4e3475e
  • Download libturbojpeg0-dev version 2.0.527/11/2020 11:53
    MD5 1c4a5f68ae0f21e7058091b1a1f0a6e6
    SHA1 66d7c31b9d6ed2e21677f0dda4ebde7bf3b36832
    SHA256 1c28f836e6207e71fff5874cf7dfed950bd2e3b88c4c7684c730fb3ff9f99236

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