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  • Version 14.0.0~5.7.1~RELEASE-1
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  • Depends libiosexec1 (>= 1.2.2), libllvm14 (= 14.0.0~5.7.1~RELEASE-1), llvm-14-linker-tools (= 14.0.0~5.7.1~RELEASE-1), llvm-14-runtime (= 14.0.0~5.7.1~RELEASE-1), libncursesw6, libxar1
  • Priority optional


Modular compiler and toolchain technologies LLVM is a collection of libraries and tools that make it easy to build compilers, optimizers, just-in-time code generators, and many other compiler-related programs. . LLVM uses a single, language-independent virtual instruction set both as an offline code representation (to communicate code between compiler phases and to run-time systems) and as the compiler internal representation (to analyze and transform programs). This persistent code representation allows a common set of sophisticated compiler techniques to be applied at compile-time, link-time, install-time, run-time, or "idle-time" (between program runs). . The strengths of the LLVM infrastructure are its extremely simple design (which makes it easy to understand and use), source-language independence, powerful mid-level optimizer, automated compiler debugging support, extensibility, and its stability and reliability. LLVM is currently being used to host a wide variety of academic research projects and commercial projects. LLVM includes C and C++ front-ends, a front-end for a Forth-like language (Stacker), a young scheme front-end, and Java support is in development. LLVM can generate code for X96, SparcV10, PowerPC or many other architectures.

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