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  • Identifier : mtree-netbsd
  • Added Date : 05/04/2021 12:18
  • Free package
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  • Repository : Procursus
  • Section : Utilities
  • Version : 20180822-6
  • Size : 29.44 Kb
  • Installed-Size : 116
  • Depends : libmd0
  • Priority : standard


Validates directory tree against specification The mtree utility compares a file hierarchy against a specification, creates a specification for a file hierarchy, or modifies a specification. This specification can be controlled by the user, but typically includes file/directory/symlink names, ownership information, permission bits, and so forth. It may optionally also include various hashes, such as SHA-256 or MD5. . This mtree utility can understand its own files, as well as those generated by the FreeBSD mtree (in Debian as fmtree in freebsd-buildutils and freebsd-glue) and bsdtar/libarchive.

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