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  • Identifier neovim
  • Added Date 30/01/2021 04:46
  • Updated Date 20/04/2023 16:40
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionText_Editors
  • Version 0.9.0
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 7.88 Mb
  • Installed-Size 29576
  • Depends libiosexec1 (>= 1.3.1), libintl8, lua-luv, libuv1, libmsgpackc2, libvterm0, libtermkey1, libunibilium4, libluajit-5.1-2, libtree-sitter0
  • Priority optional


heavily refactored vim fork Neovim is a fork of Vim focused on modern code and features, rather than running in legacy environments. . msgpack API enables structured communication to/from any programming language. Remote plugins run as co-processes that communicate with Neovim safely and asynchronously. . GUIs (or TUIs) can easily embed Neovim or communicate via TCP sockets using the discoverable msgpack API.

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  • Download neovim version 0.9.020/04/2023 16:40
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 341bf4b13e5cf560dda22bbe82b87dd4
    SHA1 ba349c1e2d4ffb27370145d9a9d04e89edb366d4
    SHA256 1a0c4c68b4d1a0d894bcf42864d86427877e88439f8d19dd12d54eef3229102f
  • Download neovim version 0.5.110/11/2021 03:41
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 6b7e17df3df55edfa4eded00d75c300a
    SHA1 bf79592af13e4ad7a594e08df51d0394af656f77
    SHA256 5c1c92ac7265fa3c2f09f1bb59e8d1f380632fc8e32b0af47af5ed3d0d836711
  • Download neovim version 0.4.4-229/05/2021 00:11
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d56ecadf842993e25b983d4d986fba05
    SHA1 499f5a8c23ff10c9ea99e5e2467c922f45bd169e
    SHA256 fcdeea4d4057d71e543cae1307a1cf54e4439b07cc08fe703b055a13743da96f
  • Download neovim version 0.4.4-117/03/2021 19:41
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 c2db1de238cb7fc53f032a8910059a8d
    SHA1 d0ab5047454bb199e93ff68ecce1961b492e533e
    SHA256 b09846d4382daef8ab1a7ecefc8ab8125b3791491f5d49df0eaba1192f2ab014
  • Download neovim version 0.4.430/01/2021 04:46
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d39b5e87a5485fd9f185945dde273bac
    SHA1 1781c6052e5e02ae92d5cee874ba40c71f1479c3
    SHA256 ea3184e25abe45706ac1770aa12a4f16cb13f5e5c907adbf03df27dd6cb309ab

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