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Extended (but compatible) fork of ttyrec ttyrec is a terminal (tty) recorder, it comes with ttyplay, which is a tty player. Some features of ovh-ttyrec follow: - Drop-in replacement of the classic ttyrec, additional features don't break compatibility - The code is portable and OS features that can be used are detected at compile time - Supports ttyrec output file rotation without interrupting the session - Supports locking the session after a keyboard input timeout, optionally displaying a custom message - Supports terminating the session after a keyboard input timeout - Supports manually locking or terminating the session via "cheatcodes" (specific keystrokes) - Supports a no-tty mode, relying on pipes instead of pseudottys, while still recording stdout/stderr - Automatically detects whether to use pseudottys or pipes, also overridable from command-line - Supports reporting the number of bytes that were output to the terminal on session exit

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    Architecture iOS
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    SHA1 e7cb129848b3d7ff5ba51120b2655725e0f53ea2
    SHA256 2c46d32cfd3b8a72a4c257ad2bdc2be06642d69ed1f1324740b381a976bdcb2c

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