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  • Added Date 25/06/2021 02:12
  • Updated Date 23/02/2022 15:25
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionPython
  • Version 3.0.25-1
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  • Depends python3, python3-wcwidth
  • Priority optional


Library for interactive command-line applications. python-prompt-toolkit is a library for building powerful interactive command-line applications in Python. It can also work as an alternative for GNU readline, but it can do much more than that. . Some features: * Pure Python * Syntax highlighting of the input while typing * Multi-line input editing * Advanced code completion * Both Emacs and Vi key bindings (similar to readline) * Even some advanced Vi functionality, like named registers and digraphs * Reverse and forward incremental search * Works well with Unicode double width characters (e.g Chinese input) * Selecting text for copy/paste * Support for bracketed paste * Mouse support for cursor positioning and scrolling * Auto suggestions (e.g fish) * Multiple input buffers * No global state * Lightweight, the only dependencies are Pygments and wcwidth

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