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  • Added Date 14/08/2020 22:11
  • Updated Date 09/07/2022 06:43
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionNetworking
  • Version 3.2.4-1
  • Size 301.76 Kb
  • Installed-Size 612
  • Depends libssl3, libzstd1, liblz4-1, libxxhash0, libpopt0
  • Priority important


fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool rsync is a fast and versatile file-copying tool which can copy locally and to/from a remote host. It offers many options to control its behavior, and its remote-update protocol can minimize network traffic to make transferring updates between machines fast and efficient. . It is widely used for backups and mirroring and as an improved copy command for everyday use. . This package provides both the rsync command line tool and optional daemon functionality.

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  • Download rsync version 3.2.4-109/07/2022 06:43
    MD5 99cb0577af82d55b2d6edf4948800b3b
    SHA1 a88b065e215091caca825f3fafcd0926245ee7e2
    SHA256 4363ad0e17109605ec30fec2c7231d783120005b19974240e3b15bb917c30c74
  • Download rsync version 3.2.409/07/2022 05:38
    MD5 b326e5c1ff9e886ca2eabcb8b3595292
    SHA1 ede603f4ba66f5a2bea7fe93c20e371bbad986a9
    SHA256 54b1c362ce5ae781db639d1e3a330eb83880857e2473b7f6df8bf10dccc3c31a
  • Download rsync version 3.2.3-109/04/2021 20:12
    MD5 75a2ba950703ec2398149da9a84f3f18
    SHA1 e1c88716f8a2edb2eafda728389805685406ccf9
    SHA256 fe292e7c000748487d3e8e490af27862bf1326df719149ce531a8cadd41dadb0
  • Download rsync version 3.2.308/10/2020 03:47
    MD5 ac13cfc4bc24c12d8910b8a41139a79f
    SHA1 bd23b35f234aafc2540b1ed3dcd83782f72f88d7
    SHA256 da859541bcf4c81ae4188ac2828f0774b9ebdc7980000b20a751f1588e50b60f
  • Download rsync version 3.2.114/08/2020 22:11
    MD5 893e64533142e2009581fb254bf0226b
    SHA1 1b60cf32cbad10d4745693dc8183f3bc2368b6b6
    SHA256 3567b662b776486c4c81f050f000d81ca50b4d53bf52d3ff2f53f7fab02328b5
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