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  • Added Date 01/02/2022 17:31
  • Updated Date 14/07/2022 07:00
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionUtilities
  • Version 3.3.9
  • Size 88.91 Kb
  • Installed-Size 256
  • Depends libssl3, libsoundio2, libao4, libconfig11, libalac0, libpopt0


AirPlay audio player Plays audio streamed from iTunes, iOS devices and third-party AirPlay sources such as ForkedDaapd and others. Audio played by a Shairport Sync-powered device stays synchronised with the source and hence with similar devices playing the same source. In this way, synchronised multi-room audio is possible without difficulty. . Shairport Sync does not support AirPlay video or photo streaming.

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  • Download shairport-sync version 3.3.914/07/2022 06:10
    MD5 d43e68ec84946ae23d861d1000a5841c
    SHA1 965312b5878a41abb859874cb832abdc193b00d9
    SHA256 0994885e4d237248daa4b2e991fd54fb5df6a71f1a6947c3ea9208959c59c36a
  • Download shairport-sync version 3.3.914/07/2022 07:00
    MD5 38ef899f9edece807dc05bca5e2c7465
    SHA1 4c070b736aa3f35657b238145e132c82bb6c1895
    SHA256 1417f29c882532eb32f261f9dc56a19e6136f85424fd617dddc129685dfa78a9
  • Download shairport-sync version 3.3.801/02/2022 17:31
    MD5 4c689bdd84dd4dd15e02bbe39255606a
    SHA1 02720a2fa4b296e0fdf150fe18ee888e8a42768b
    SHA256 6dd19098d94165f2001ff7489c62e26332c8b6c31e7a50d2d501532c034a5d38

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