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  • Added Date 31/10/2020 02:42
  • Updated Date 16/04/2021 18:41
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionUtilities
  • Version 2.1.3
  • Architecture All OS
  • Size 17.24 Kb
  • Installed-Size 68
  • Depends python3, ca-certificates
  • Priority optional


Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net Speedtest.net is a webservice that allows you to test your broadband connection by downloading a file from one of many Speedtest.net servers from around the world. . This utility allows you to use the Speedtest.net service from the command line. . Note: This tool accesses speedtest.net over http, while the web-based client uses websockets. This tool has shown to become increasingly inacurate with high-speed connections. For more information, see the readme on: https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli

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  • Download speedtest-cli version 2.1.316/04/2021 18:41
    Architecture All OS
    MD5 6a6f5880801db212ba3224914ffe9b5b
    SHA1 8556546b3185c7a641a1376e90af6bd41ad43f3d
    SHA256 cf4c3fb493ae72cd8f53cf9d97d812ac873e337fd9a3901515f6c17ae32d5585
  • Download speedtest-cli version 2.1.2-118/11/2020 08:20
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 81b4e5f053eda9356371ca8c66c4ca1d
    SHA1 20668d7affa3cba4ef18c8c77e1243296bbe78ab
    SHA256 20d6f34d6f2964d25e9e225a3dbcd49f2410b37174f32b1cfba0283b30b96c82
  • Download speedtest-cli version 2.1.231/10/2020 02:42
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 b7d5def7d9c82c9658cd1bbe37096670
    SHA1 019da1f0b96ba4cc44a83869733fb2af55341726
    SHA256 370ae5b63b91c5045e70b3c65061af648b9cffbafc957496f00467927aed5fba

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