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  • Identifier : tor-geoipdb
  • Added Date : 30/11/2021 05:05
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  • Repository : Procursus
  • Section : Networking
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  • Size : 1.06 Mb
  • Installed-Size : 8916
  • Depends : tor (=
  • Priority : optional


GeoIP database for Tor This package provides a GeoIP database for Tor, i.e. it maps IPv4 addresses to countries. . Bridge relays (special Tor relays that aren't listed in the main Tor directory) use this information to report which countries they see connections from. These statistics enable the Tor network operators to learn when certain countries start blocking access to bridges. . Clients can also use this to learn what country each relay is in, so Tor controllers like arm or Vidalia can use it, or if they want to configure path selection preferences.

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