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  • Added Date 14/04/2021 23:41
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  • Version 0.3
  • Architecture All OS
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  • Depends perl


Generates perfect hash functions as native machine code TrieHash generates perfect hash functions as C code which then gets compiled into optimal machine code as part of the usual program compilation. . TrieHash works by translating a list of strings to a trie, and then converting the trie to a set of recursive switch statements; first switching by length, and then switching by bytes. . TrieHash has various optimizations such as processing multiple bytes at once (on GNU C), and shortcuts for reducing the complexity of case-insensitive matching (ASCII only). Generated code performs substantially faster than gperf, but is larger. . TrieHash was written for use in APT.

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    Architecture All OS
    MD5 9905765bce6ff9bce38d1e157961339e
    SHA1 72de940963c451f8007d41af1e2a698dcf6de5ff
    SHA256 598c32de138310b3a9632f600262d5fc426532b2dc62b836c9d1a5a982959a8a

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