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  • Identifier upx-ucl
  • Added Date 2:55 PM March 21, 2021
  • Updated Date 8:55 PM June 17, 2021
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionArchiving
  • Version 3.96-1
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 380.42 Kb
  • Installed-Size 1824
  • Depends libucl1
  • Priority optional


efficient live-compressor for executables UPX is an advanced executable file compressor. UPX will typically reduce the file size of programs and DLLs by around 50%-70%, thus reducing disk space, network load times, download times etc. The current version can compress executables for DOS, Linux/ELF (i386, amd64, ppc32) and some other files for different OS. . NOTE: This package is based on the UCL library, which is licensed under GPL.

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  • Download upx-ucl version 3.96-18:55 PM June 17, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 0becb79a96bb6cca26bd0e2f889e9c01
    SHA1 b15b0e82d78710d9b036e904bd08453fc1c04871
    SHA256 fe91c17abefb097c1f4a5c5d163aceb03ed6422d02c910b97294f11fa566c6e0
  • Download upx-ucl version 3.962:55 PM March 21, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 c6c8289cb8e838be4c220bb5c54e7c0c
    SHA1 8debf8a7bb2b9aa39b9af8ddcff9cd22bb046a0d
    SHA256 7bde4583b37ed1319eac0b71d791031742eb79c000cf544afe12266f9faeeabe

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