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  • Identifier : xfe
  • Added Date : 21/04/2021 00:40
  • Free package
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  • Repository : Procursus
  • Section : X11
  • Version : 1.44
  • Size : 1.40 Mb
  • Installed-Size : 6848
  • Depends : libintl8, libfontconfig1, libfox-1.6-0, libfreetype6, libpng16-16, libx11-6, libxft2, libxrandr2
  • Priority : optional


lightweight file manager for X11 Xfe is based on the popular but discontinued X Win Commander. It is desktop independent and is written using the C++ Fox Toolkit. Its appearance is similar to the Windows file-manager Total Commander or Windows Explorer. It is very fast and simple. . The main features are: file associations, mount/umount devices, directory tree for quick cd, change file attributes, auto save registry, compressed archives view/creation/extraction, compatibility with GNOME/KDE/Xfce, and much more. . Containing a simple text editor (Xfwrite), image viewer (Xfimage) and package manager (Xfpack).

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