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  • Added Date 08/10/2020 03:47
  • Updated Date 24/01/2023 06:10
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  • RepositoryProcursus
  • SectionArchiving
  • Version 5.4.1
  • Size 60.20 Kb
  • Installed-Size 236
  • Depends libiosexec1 (>= 1.2.2)
  • Conflicts xz (<<1:0), lzma (<<3:0)
  • Replaces xz, lzma
  • Priority optional


XZ-format compression utilities - tiny decompressors XZ is the successor to the Lempel-Ziv/Markov-chain Algorithm compression format, which provides memory-hungry but powerful compression (often better than bzip2) and fast, easy decompression. . This package provides the xzdec and lzmadec utilities, which write the decompressed version of a compressed file to standard output. The binaries are very small, so they can be easily stored on small media with some compressed files, and they are linked statically against liblzma so they can be used on machines without a compatible version of liblzma installed. However, they have: . * no compression support; * no support for writing to a file other than standard output; * no translated messages; * been optimized for size rather than speed. . For a full-featured xzcat command without these limitations, use the xz-utils package instead.

Version History

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  • Download xzdec version 5.4.124/01/2023 06:10
    MD5 a8f39beeb6eaa8d62fd2f8e71872021f
    SHA1 1d8f2db396df6c96fab2ca73ee9a7638a53316c5
    SHA256 1dd12be22c8f6632fba558a276c27a0f64163787ef36a655a0471b9f5f8b71cf
  • Download xzdec version 5.2.830/11/2022 05:30
    MD5 a8f6b26077cdd21a378d065e30e30a3f
    SHA1 8e62bc79c0255cce6e093708a91d535ba31523cc
    SHA256 41d18eccc8dfe705ea439eec04a5a6a3682c62934accd705f50f83426088d364
  • Download xzdec version 5.2.5-307/05/2021 00:40
    MD5 c73d45bacff55bd9c08c252009a3f470
    SHA1 e6f231341c7d4a0bb23479b90b38e7631297f906
    SHA256 3ee45a0a2d5d6bfeccc6731f1add30ca41dcb788a4d55e7b13abac53d4a40073
  • Download xzdec version 5.2.5-208/10/2020 03:47
    MD5 cf4a0333fa656ed91801c6e10698405a
    SHA1 721cbb90374d44261f1c02875d26f71f6282ce12
    SHA256 adf6e4ceebcb5b3d19f60ebfd7893dfe42a16254ddf5ca47767b5364620d00e3

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