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  • Identifier com.countdowniwidget
  • Added Date 10/07/2022 09:46
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  • RepositoryRKO1195 repo
  • Author Marty McFly
  • SectionWidgets
  • Version 2.0
  • Size 1.76 Mb


This will allow you to keep a daily countdown to a desired date, with user defined background, font style, font colour and text. HUGE thanks to Sk37cH for designing the backgrounds for this iWidget!!


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    SHA1 b1f4fe7eb1c405ebcffbda0fba22102e1fd22f2c
    SHA256 f8aaeb16856f73b3c0f74ea51fe9f8f0de731d25034c8ddd502317ec407f54a1

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